We will start by discussing your preferences, and will establish if you simply want meals made for you, or if you want to be involved in the preparation in order to learn the dishes. I’ll have you tell me if you want meals for one day only or if you need meal prep for the week. I will ask about the kinds of food you will like to have prepared (traditional, fusion, vegan, vegetarian, western, etc). And we will go over any dietary requirements and goals you may have (so that I am aware of any food preferences and allergies you may have).

In general, I start with the following questionnaire:

  1. Are you or your family vegan/vegetarian (and level of strictness) or non-vegan?
  2. Do you or any members of your family have food allergies?
  3. Do you like spicy food?
  4. Do you like fried foods?
  5. Do you prefer healthy/vegetarian food, comfort food, or a mix?
  6. How many meals do you think you will need prepared?
  7. Do you want to be a part of the process (to learn to make them in the future)? Or are you on vacation, and just want delicious Balinese food ready-made for you?

After receiving this information from you, we can discuss the dishes you will want made, and can plan a time to meet to prepare and cook or for me to deliver food to you (if you’d prefer to just receive ready-made meals).

In addition to traditional Indonesian food, I can also cook western food like roast chicken, roast pork, hamburgers, pizza, roasted veggies, lasagna, spaghetti, beef/pork/fish steak, western breakfasts, etc. I will probably put my own spin on most of these, but I get that sometimes you just want what you’ve grown up with (I get it… I am after all asking you to try my food, because I love it).

We can even mix Indonesian traditional food with your home’s food. I have some great fusion dishes (mixed western and Indonesian traditional food), like my Tempe Beef Mince Rendang served over spaghetti noodles. Rendang is a famous Indonesian dish usually served over rice… we all love it, it’s rich and flavorful. It’s made with curry and coconut milk, herbs, chili and beef. We cook Rendang for 4 hours to get the best taste an to ensure the beef is super tender! And it turns out, it’s amazing served as a Bolognese.

Note: If you are a chef and interested adding an Indonesian dish to your restaurant’s menu, we can discuss this too (I’ll want to take you to the market and explain a bit more about what’s involved in the dish in this case, as I’ll want you to take with you the most authenticate version of the dish back with you).


I can bring you shopping for the ingredients we will need at a traditional market close to your area. It’s a unique experience in which you get to see the herbs and ingredients used by Indonesians, and get to talk to local farmers and merchants (many of whom also love to talk about Indonesian food). Also, the market is full of colors and smells. You can typically find a wide variety of fresh, healthy vegetables and tropical herbs like lemon grass, turmeric, garlic, union, spring union, ginger, galanggal, lime, curry leaves, nutmeg, chili, turmeric leaves… many of which you probably have not seen before in their raw form.


Our private cooking classes are offered both in your home and in shared kitchen spaces (for corporate of group events). You will need to confirm whether the class is to be personal (one-on-one) or with your friends and family or for a group. Classes include dish planning in advance and can involve breakfast, lunch or dinner meal preparation, and Indonesian deserts as well.

Typically, cooking classes are taught directly in the kitchen in your villa. But, if you have a larger group, or need a shared kitchen space to be reserved for your participants, please contact me in advance. If you have a place in mind (a hotel kitchen, cooking space, or gueststay kitchen)… that’s great too. For some corporate events, it is possible to arrange to use the kitchen of one of Bali’s fine dining restaurants as well… just again, I will need adequate head’s up to assist in coordinating this.


I will come to your home and prepare healthy Indonesian meals for you. When we talk, I can ask you the questions necessary to plan the best meal for your diet, budget and taste.

I can cook breakfast, lunch or dinner for you and your family. And can prepare healthy Indonesian snacks and deserts, or meals for your birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion. (See “In-Home Meals” above)


Cooking class + traditional market tour: packages starting at IDR 500,000…  max 3 persons
Cooking class without traditional market tour: packages starting at IDR 350,000… max 3 persons
Large group cooking class: packages starting at IDR 1,500,000… max 10 persons
In-home meal preparation: 150,000 IDR/hour + travel expenses + ingredient costs
Special occasion private meal/catering: packages starting at IDR 700,000, variable on how many people are in your party, menu selection, and number of courses (starters + soup/salads + main + desert)